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Below is the history of each of our visiting historic railroad cars.

Dearing • PPCX 29 | 800029

Georgia Railroad.png

Built by Pullman in 1925, The Dearing, was a 1 drawing room 12- section sleeper and was operated on the Oriental Limited between Chicago-St Paul, Seattle-Tacoma and Portland.   The car was rebuilt by the president of the Chicago Great Western in the early 50’s as a platform office car. She contains 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, dining room, observation end and kitchen. She served several other railroads until the current owners purchased the car int 2006 and renamed it in honor of the owner’s grandfather an Agent-Operator for the Georgia Railroad at the Dearing depot. The car has had a complete mechanical update, completely rebuilt trucks and refurbished understructure. 


JP Henderson • PPCX 800046

JP Henderson

Pullman’s first all-stainless-steel car, built in 1953 for service on MKT’s “Texas Special.” It was totally rebuilt and reconfigured in 1989. It was chosen by Amtrak for experimental Keystone Classic Club service between New York and Pittsburgh. Now privately owned and Amtrak certified. The JP Henderson offers a spacious lounge area, kitchen, master bedroom with private restroom and shower and two standard bedrooms that each feature a double bed. The master bedroom can be converted from 2 twin beds to a queen bed. All have marble and tile bathrooms with shower, sink, and commode. There is a large dining/lounge area with oversized windows.

JP Henderson Floor Plan.png
JP Henderson.png

Wisconsin • PPCX 800464

Wilwaukee Road.png

The business car Wisconsin was built in 1946 for the president of the Milwaukee Railroad. For a short time, the car was used by the Union Pacific to travel to Chicago. The car was then returned to the Milwaukee Road until the Soo Line took over. The current owner purchased the car in 2008 and repainted it in the original Milwaukee paint scheme.

Wisconsin LEFT.png
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